thumbfood is an independent video game production company founded in 2014 by Game Director/Producer Simon Smith (Sony, Blitz, Codemasters, etc).

We perform two roles within the video games industry:

1) We instigate, produce, and direct our own original projects or games based on licenced properties. Our model is to work with experienced game development companies and collaborate to deliver well managed and very creative projects on time and on budget.

2) We can help existing developers find funding for their projects, help with production, game direction etc and act in an Executive Producer role throughout. 

About Simon Smith

Simon has over 20 years experience (Codemasters, Blitz, Sony, Reloaded) as a game Designer and Producer and has worked across a wide variety of genres from grown-up games such as Colin MacRae Rally 2.0, Operation Flashpoint, and Reservoir Dogs, to children & family projects including SpongeBob, Barbie, Buzz!, and Wordhunters. He has made games for Manchester City Football Club, Sky,  and was the concept designer on the Burger King advergames that won a Clio advertising award.


In 2015 Simon co-founded (and still Chairs) Gameopolis, the Greater Manchester games industry network and co-created the Jamchester game jam. He works closely with UKIE, the BFI, and BAFTA to create local events and has spoken at BAFTA Guru Live and others. As a UKIE member, he recently helped advise on the creation of the Games Industry Diversity Census.

He is currently a member of the BAFTA Games committee where his particular areas of interest include regional issues and LGBT+ advocacy.

Voluntary experience includes the Women in Games committee and LGBT+ activism. Simon spent 5 years as an elected committee member for the Gay Football Supporters Network where he worked with clubs, media, and government, and was a founding organiser of the “Rainbow Laces” campaign to celebrate & promote LGBT+ people in football.


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